How EXACTLY does a laser get rid of my tattoo??

Physics. Laser Tattoo Removal is a process that uses the physics of the electromagnetic spectrum and a process called photothermolysis to create small explosions underneath your skin which in turn allows your body to get rid of your tattoo. To completely understand the process go back to the beginning, the day you got your tattoo.

Your artist injected trillions of tiny ink molecules into the dermis layer of your skin. The dermis is the layer of your skin where your blood vessels, nerve endings and sweat glands sit. Tattooing sent sirens off in your body; your body’s immune system was kicked into action. First to heal the puncture wounds; second to send out macrophages to attack the newly placed ink. Except, the macrophages lost the attack and the ink didn't go away? Why? Because ink molecules are huge! The combination of ink molecule size and the chemical makeup of the ink made your Tattoo permanent. Despite the ongoing efforts of the immune system and the millions of macrophages sent to destroy the tattoo; it stayed right where it was, comfortably resting in your dermis FOREVER!


           Just kidding, tattoos are no longer permanent. Lasers can get rid of a tattoo. They emit light and energy in a single color wavelength. Optics, mirrors, crystals, and flashlamps all come together to create the energy needed to rid you of a tattoo. At a laser tattoo removal session variables such as wavelength, spot size, pulse duration,  and frequency are determined and delivered to the tattoo site. The purpose of this session, and every session thereafter is to set the variables just right, creating an environment where light is absorbed by ink. This results in a reaction causing the break up of ink molecules within the dermis, hence the small explosions.


Now what? Ink particles have exploded in the dermis and they need to go away. The sirens of the immune system go off again. Those macrophages that your body sent out to attack the newly placed ink when you got the tattoo, come out again to attack the broken ink particles, and this time they win. The broken down ink particles are easy for the macrophages to ingest. Over a period of 4-12 weeks the macrophages ingest the broken ink particles and assist the body to excrete them as waste products.


Complete a session, set off the sirens of the immune system, send out the macrophages, pass the toxic waste. Then repeat as many times as needed till the ink is gone. I like to say it's like  slowly peeling back the layers of an onion. They come in many varieties, with lots of different layers and no two are alike. Like your tattoo is unique to you, your experience of removal is unique to you. Health, ink color, skin type, tattoo location, amount of ink in the tattoo, cover-ups, and the age of the tattoo all make a difference in the removal process.


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