Best Recipe For Home Made Aloe Vera Gel For Laser Tattoo Removal Skin Healing

So, the Aloe Vera plant has many uses.  Soothing skin, treating burns, adding moisture to the skin are all some of them.  One of the best ways to treat healing after laser tattoo removal is by using Aloe Vera.  Unfortunately, most store bought versions contain alcohol in them which is very bad for the skin after removal.  Due to this, we recommend you make your Aloe Very Gel which is very easy.  

Supplies For Making Aloe Vera 

  1. Aloe vera leaf

  2. Knife 

  3. Spoon or Wood Spatula 

  4. Bowl

  5. Blender or immersion blender

  6. Storage Container 


Process For Making Aloe Vera 


  1. Cut the leaf into sections about 8″ long. This makes it a little more manageable.

  2. Cut off the serrated edge. Try to get just the edge because it is difficult to get the gel out of those pieces.

  3. Cut the 8″ lengths into 2 or 3 long strips.  Turn your blade to its side and slide it in just under the skin on the end of one of the strips.

  4. Carefully slide the knife along the bottom edge of the skin down the whole length of the leaf. Try to stay close to the skin so you get as much gel as you can.

  5. Once you get the whole piece of skin off, flip the section over and repeat with the other side.

  6. Cut the flesh into 2 or 3 pieces and place in a clean bowl (if you are using an immersion blender) or your blender pitcher.

  7. Repeat steps 4-7 until all sections have been skinned and gathered into your blender pitcher.

  8. Blend until smooth. It will almost immediately froth when you start your blender. This is normal. If you are using an immersion blender just blend it in the bowl until smooth.

  9. The froth will eventually go down. You can wait or you can just go ahead and pour the gel into the clean storage container and refrigerate.  It will keep in the refrigerator for about a week.

Preserving The Gel

Aloe Vera only last about a week in the refrigerator.  Due to this - you must preserve it anther manner or use it in the initial week. 

Freeze It

After you store the aloe vera gel you will use in the coming week, pour the extra gel into ice cube trays and freeze until solid. Then transfer the aloe cubes into a freezer safe container or bag. Pull out an aloe cube as needed for burns or to use in one of the above recipes. This is a great way to keep it on hand if having your own plant is not an option.

Alternately, before you blend the flesh, cut it into cubes and lay it on a parchment lined baking sheet and freeze until solid. Once the pieces are solid, transfer to a freezer safe container or bag. Pull a piece out as needed.

Add Natural Preservatives

When you use one of the large leaves you typically end up with about 1 cup. You can place 1 cup into a clean pint mason jar. The remaining gel gets frozen as I instructed above. 

  • To the 1 cup I add 2000 mg of Vitamin C and 1600 IU (1 tablespoon or 4 400 IU capsules) of Vitamin E.

  • Powdered Vitamin C works well or you can crush the appropriate amount of tablets. 

  • Additionally, adding peppermint essential oil (15-25 drops) will also add benefit to the gel.  

You could also blend this with your immersion blender. This should increase the life of your gel to about 8 months if it is stored in the refrigerator.