Can my Scalp Micropigmentation be removed?

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a form of permanent cosmetics or permanent makeup. Clients seek the 3D look of natural hair follicles. Often referred to as a cosmetic hair or scalp tattoo. It is similar to getting a tattoo but the technique differs from conventional tattooing. Scalp Micropigmentation is done with tiny droplets of ink that are placed in the upper dermis following a pattern that resembles hair growth. Traditional tattoos are placed in the mid-dermis. The scalp is unique in every person and oftentimes computer guided navigation is used for the SMP process. SMP can last up to 5 years. After that time, a client may experience some slight fading and get a touch up. Premature fading from sun exposure, change of a natural hairline, the development of blue hues and just overall dissatisfaction with the look will cause clients to seek laser removal of their SMP. Often times the real underlying cause of a faded out SMP, color change or unnatural look is because the wrong type of ink was used for the process.

The ink used in scalp micropigmentation should not be the same ink used in conventional tattooing. Conventional ink is full of heavy metals, composite sources and industrial dyes, this ink sinks deeper in the dermis and can fade from the sun. 

When a client wants removal of their SMP the assumption is  that the SMP was done correctly. At a consultation expect to be asked about the type of ink and tints that were used and have your  scalp assessed for scars and any indicators about the depth of the ink placement. The “what if’s” to be considered are:

  • If SMP was done correctly, the number of removal sessions will be equal to the number of sessions needed to complete the SMP process. Normally complete removal can be achieved in 1-4 sessions.

  • If ink was placed deeper than the upper dermis removal is possible, but expect a greater number of removal sessions. 

  • If industrial ink (traditional tattoo ink) was used the number of removal sessions can be equal to laser tattoo removal, 6-10 sessions.

  • If permanent make-up ink was used the challenge for removal is even greater. Permanent makeup hues and tints can change when a laser is used on them. Lighter colors will darken because they contain titanium oxide and zinc. In this case, multiple laser sessions will be needed and the number of laser sessions is unpredictable. This is a challenge for the laser technician. Technicians are accustomed to meeting the client expectations, so when clients have to return for multiple sessions their satisfaction is low. This type of removal is a challenge for the client, because they have to be committed to the removal and continue to return for their sessions.


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