Tattoo Removal FAQ

Is Getting Laser Tattoo Removal Painful?

Most clients experience pain. The pain occurs when the laser comes into contact with the tattoo ink and usually subsides within a few minutes of Sessions completion. We cool your skin before and during each session with a Zimmer Cooler to lessen the pain. It only takes SECONDS TO MINUTES to provide a treatment. Rx Strength Lidocaine is available upon request.

How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cost?

Removal costs varies person to person and tattoo to tattoo. We give each client a detailed overview of their tattoo and a estimate of how long we think it will take to get rid of that tattoo. This establishes a ceiling that each client pays toward. See our Tattoo Removal Pricing page for detailed pricing. 

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The number of sessions are unique to you and your tattoo. We ask questions to determine the age, ink color, and size of your tattoo. All this information is then scored. We share the score with you so you understand the number of estimated sessions. Tattoo removal is not glamorous nor fast. Be wary if you are given a five session promise. The average client wants no evidence of a tattoo when they are done, and no battle scars to say they did it. Sessions range from 3-20. Average is 10-14 sessions. Large removals(i.e. sleeves) can take several years to achieve. 

Why Do I Need Multiple Sessions?

No-one can tell you how many sessions it will take to remove a tattoo no matter what guarantees are made. There are a number of factors that influence how many tattoo removal sessions you will need, most of these are out of our control. Those factors are: the tattoos age, ink color, ink content, location, skin tones and a clients health. Removal studios have been known to embellish the estimated number of removal sessions, giving a low estimate to get a client to begin the process or give a high estimate to make themselves appear more successful by completing a removal quicker. Some just give the 5 session promise to all clients. At Uninked all clients receive a removal score based on scientific information about removal. This is important because clients need to make an educated decision about whether to proceed with the process.

Why Is Q-Switched the Best laser for Tattoo Removal?

The Q-switch is a nano-second laser capable of working on all skin types and all ink colors. The laser breaks up the ink particles of the tattoo with a high-intensity light beam. Picosure (755 nm Alexandrite), a common laser found in many doctor’s offices and med spas, is only effective on lighter skin tones and can not handle highly saturated colored inks.

Are There Side Effects?

There are minimal risks and side effects associated with laser tattoo removal. You risk infection, changes in skin pigmentation, blistering, bleeding, ghost images, or permanent scarring at the site.

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