About Us

We are the first custom tattoo removal shop in the tri-state area.

Over the last decade, laser technology has advanced to a point where tattoos are no longer permanent. We are the solution to your tattoo problem. Whether to ink or UNInk is a personal choice that we accept. You may choose to erase a bad decision, improve your employment status, or enter the military or law enforcement. These are all reasons individuals choose to remove tattoos.

Tattoo art is an accepted aspect of American Culture. The motivation for tattoo removal exists but has given way to a demand for improved tattoo artwork.

If you need to UNInk or want to improve your current tattoo for a cover up, contact us for a free consultation. Since tattoo removal can cost hundreds of dollars per session, take several sessions, and months to complete, we are focused on offering you the simplest and most satisfying service. Throughout the Tri-state area, there are medical spas that offer laser services. They target women and offer high-end products. Most medical spas focus on hair removal, facial rejuvenation, and age spots. Although they do offer tattoo removal, most medical spas use outdated technology to remove tattoos.

We are the only laser service site that focuses on tattoo removal with the capability to treat all skin types. We provide a service that promotes diversity in customers, honest pricing, and offers convenient hours. We stand behind our treatment plan so the cost to you is true, not estimated. Customer service and satisfaction is our goal. A satisfied individual will complete all the recommended laser treatments, follow the post care protocol, and recommend us to friends and family. Our Northern Kentucky location, just blocks from Newport on the Levee, is centralized so we are able to meet the needs of individuals in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana.

Your first visit to Uninked will be a free consultation. We will take your medical and tattoo history to develop a laser treatment plan. If you agree to the plan, we will obtain consent and schedule your first laser treatment. It is possible to receive your first treatment on the same day as the consultation. There will be a fee for service if you choose to get started.

The American Dermatology Society has not only published that laser tattoo removal is safe, but that the demand to remove tattoos is rising. In 2012 there was an estimated removal of 63,000 tattoos and in 2013, that estimation has increased to 96,000. Today they are unable to estimate the number of tattoos being removed.

Our Certified Laser Operators (CLO), have studied Aesthetic Laser Physics, Skin Biology, Laser Safety, and Post Laser Treatment Protocols. They also completed hands-on training with live models and studied under one of the most accomplished Master Laser Technician in the country.

Kim Ernst, RN
Owner & CLO

My experience in the medical field has been all about taking care of people. I am here to offer my service and the best experience possible with laser tattoo removal. The decision to undergo tattoo removal is a personal decision. It can be prompted due to a job change, military guideline, relationship change, bad tattoos or simply regret. Whatever the reason I offer affordable change.

Matthew Ernst, MLT
Owner & CLO 

As a Medical Laboratory Technician I must understand how medical devices work. I feel the same about tattoo removal. I speak laser and am here to help you understand not only the science behind laser tattoo removal but tattoos themselves. Tattoos that have not been effectively removed by other treatments or through home remedies may respond to laser therapy providing the prior treatment did not result in excessive scarring. I am committed to offering an affordable series of treatments to you and assure that you know the science behind the treatment.